Back on the Grind

One year down. Forty nine to go. That’s right, people. I survived my first year of teaching and retained a pretty decent portion of my sanity.

I took a serious hiatus from writing this summer, and I am more than ready to unleash a school year’s worth of hoodness…I mean…goodness on you.

With a new year comes new excitements and dreads. That goes without saying. It’s currently week three and I know almost all of my kids’ names now so I feel like I have a rough idea of what to expect this year. So here goes:
1. I really, actually like these kids. (I liked last year’s as well…but I really like these kids.)
2. Even if I feel like I’m bombing sometimes, it will be okay. The evidence is in my former students coming back to tell me they miss my class. I know some of it is my superb sense of humor, but I like to think my actual lessons impacted that.
3. Organization has to get even better. I am insane about keeping my room organized, but with so many changes to curriculum and standards, I have less time than ever to search for things. (See my upcoming post about my brand new Dagne Dover! I cannot wait to show it off!!)

As the golden nuggets occur, I’ll be posting. Until then,

xx, A