Okay, teacher friends and professionals of all callings!

I’m always on the hunt for good teacher attire, and I’m kind of obsessed with these beautiful flats called Tieks! They feature a turquoise sole that’s enough to make any girl swoon. The price tag is less swoon worthy, though.

However, like most people, I am willing to splurge on occasion if it means I’m getting something extraordinary. Any professional who is on their feet all day (okay “professional” could be anything really…) can tell you if there’s something beautiful and comfortable they have to have it. Aaaand I fit that bill.

So here we go. Has anyone tried them? Are they worth it? Are those covetable turquoise soles and vibrant colors really worth it? (Does anyone have a promo code?)

Please, please let a girl know!

xx, NB
(photo courtesy of their Instagram)


One thought on “Tieks

  1. I have a black pair that I’ve worn the past 2 years. I absolutely LOVE them. I teach and they’re perfect for the classroom wardrobe.


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